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Fuck This Noise, We Are Bringing Back The Summer of Fun!

We here at 2kg have unanimously decided that the Summer Of Fun is needed in these times.

If no else wants to say it, we will:  The world is a mess, it seems like every day something else terrible happens, and we don't want to read the news anymore. 

It's overwhelming.

So we are saying fuck it to that and hello to incredible discreet, no strings attached hedonistic escapism all summer long.  And we more than cordially invite you to join us!

Look for sexy theme weeks, check out our snapchat, and get ready for some surprises. 

Our kick off theme week?  Bikini Body Rub Sexy Time.

Hey, when it comes to escapism, we go hard.

Established Friends

Please request the password from us to get access to our Summer of Fun Private Club.  Your first step is found here.

  We all know the best things are kept behind closed doors.