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From Elle: A note on discretion

First, established clients please reach out to Cara to learn about how we are taking our discretion to the next level.  Your going to be real happy!

Second It seems that people are confused about what discretion is.  I am here to clear it up.

It is so much more than keeping your info safe.

I am sure some will disagree with what I am going to write.  Many may be upset.  I can live with it, because it needs to be said.  

I have a responsibility to our providers and clients to continue to provide them with the highest level of discretion possible.  

Discretion is staying in your own lane.  Knowing that regardless of what is happening in the world, the need for discretion will never go away.  Ever.  We are, and should always be, a secret society.

Forever, providers knew that.  They respected that.  They knew that this was for like minded people and to keep their mouths shut.

Then twitter happened.  All of a sudden, every aspect of our world is exposed.  Providers discussed all our resources publicly.  Our resources - and links to them, ad places, clients, how we work.  They made video blogs discussing it, for goodness sake. They had contests to see if they could hit 5000 followers. 

They snitched. They gave people a roadmap to our world.  

They did this for years.  And it has caused a lot of issues for a lot of people.

Is it any shock what happened in 2016?  We only have to look in the mirror to see why this happened.  And they are still doing it.

And as they got louder, we got quieter.  We closed our circle as much as possible, and it was pretty tight already.

And it's get even tighter now.  We only network with those who actually respect our world and know how to keep a secret.  

I want to assure you, 2kg has no public social media and hold your discretion in the highest of regards.  We love what we do, love what we have built, and appreciate your patronage.  And the fact that so many of you have acknowledged the lengths we go to for discretion.  You are amazing.

We would of done it anyway, but your unbelievable patronage has made it so much easier to not have to go to public twitter or still advertise on a local site that we know has had more than a hint of trouble.  

We always have, and always will, stay in our own lane.  Having a great time the way it should be.  Undercover and sexy as hell.

Because discretion is the sexiest thing of all!