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Chicago GFE Escort Interview: Emma Rose, The Adorable Tom Boy

Emma Rose - The Adoreable Tomboy

This week we interview our Adorable Tomboy Emma Rose!

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First off, welcome! I know that we’re all super excited to have you as our newest playmate, and I know we haven’t even come close to seeing the kinds of fun you’ll bring to the table! But what excites you most about coming here to be with us?

As a small-town girl, nothing excites me more than seeing the lights of the big city. I love going out with my gorgeous co-workers and meeting all kinds of people with unique stories. Everyone here is very close and supportive which is a great feeling! And we’re certainly all very compatible when we play together.

You’re our very own adorable tomboy, and with that mischievous glint in your eye I know you have some tricks up your sleeve. Care to tell us anything about them?

(Checking sleeves) Hmm..F

Well, as a trumpet and saxophone player I must say I have a pretty agile tongue (which my lovely coworkers appreciate!)

Of course you do more than just play with all of us at 2KG, what kinds of things do you like to do when you aren’t wowing everyone with your pixie-like charms?

When I’m not sketching or practicing music in my sunroom, I am going to local galleries, comedy nights, and fundraisers to meet new people and absorb Chicago’s delicious culture. Speaking of which, the food in Chicago is amazing!

I also love the outdoors, and enjoy hiking as well as watersports, like kayaking and paddle boarding -- I’m not afraid of getting wet and dirty!

I always ask this, but it’s so true that taste in music can tell you a lot about a person, I gotta know your top three list of artists. Do you have one? Is that the worst question ever? If it is, why is it so terrible?

Ooh that’s definitely the worst question because I have to pick just three artists! I would have to say Rihanna because she’s edgy, sexy, and powerful, Tool because of the basslines and mathematical patterns in their music, and Queen because of their bold energy and well-written harmonies.

I guess if you can tell a lot about me from that, I must seem kind of quirky and whimsical; so yes -- this question passes the test.

In addition to GFE romps, you offer a lot of different types of kink, from sensual switch sessions to all kinds of fetish exploration. What is your favorite, and why?

I like to see a man in handcuffs while I mercilessly pleasure him, that’s one of my naughtiest fantasies.  But don’t be confused, I’m not often dominant and am usually more on the submissive side.

To be honest, I also like “Greek” adventures -- I’ve only tried it a few times, but I know I like it and want to try more!  Do you think you could show me?

And finally, since I gotta close all the interviews with this, what is your favorite color? What does it represent to you?

I would say my favorite color is purple because of its duality: it can be bright and feminine, but also deep and strong. Purple itself is a mix of blue and red, which to me represent a balance of tranquility and passion.