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An Attitude of Gratitude

In gratitude, all duo sessions are 650/hour until the end of Sept. 

We will also be rolling out other wonderful things in the next two weeks!  Check back often, you will want to see what we are up to.

There are so many wonderful things that happened to us that culminated in this 1 year anniversary of 2KG Presents.  And I plan on blogging about all of them this month.

But this blog post is about you.

When we opened 2kg Presents a year ago, your support was amazing.  So many of you understood what we were trying to do.  Finally, a truly female owned agency that was more of a collective than anything else.  No male backers, private incalls, and providers treated with the respect they deserve.

You understood that we were more than co-workers, we were friends.  You embraced our need to create a scene.  To have new experiences.  To revel in life and sexy times.  To be hedonistic. 

Because of you we were able to invest in our Wicker Park incall with Erin Black.  And there are so many other ways you have changed our lives for the better.

Your patronage has been astounding.

Thank you.