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Chicago GFE Escort Interviews - This Week: Naughty Nanny Kate

You’re definitely the Manic Pixie Dream Girl of the group, but in that trope we never see much beyond the most superficial. Give us a window into your inner personality, what are, in your opinion, the three things most important about you?

Hmm, the first thing that comes to mind is that I'm a woman that knows what she wants. I'm assertive in all the right ways and not afraid of judgement. I think I also have a contagious positive and carefree attitude; if you are upset, it won't last long in my presence.

Taste in music can tell you a lot about a person, do you have a top three list of artists? Is that the worst question ever? If so, why?

Haha, it's kind of a bad question, but I will give you a pass this time. My music taste is all across the board, I have a record player at home and like to play both old and new. I guess my music taste could be accurately described as "Riot Fest lineup inspired". Some artists that come to mind are Frank Sinatra, Alkaline Trio, Chance the Rapper, Radiohead, Amy Winehouse, and The Stooges.

Speaking of music, you play ukelele. What are your favorite songs to play? Do you write original music for yourself, or just cover other things?

I'm a bit of a romantic sap, so I do enjoy to play love songs and anything that can make someone smile. I think it can be fun to play "non traditional" songs on the uke, the most fun part is figuring out the chords! I sometimes write my own stuff as well.

I’m pretty sure the question in everyone’s minds now is “why ukelele?” so, well, why ukelele?

Haha! That's a fair question, it's a strange little instrument. I adore how portable and cutesy the uke is, and I also have small hands, which makes it easier to play. I love the tone of the strings and how easy it is to play. I actually taught myself how to play, which I'm quite proud of. Haha

As our newest member, what do you think so far? What drew you to join us, and what do you like the best about this group?

I LOVE this agency! It's been a blast meeting and working with everyone. It sounds lame, but I sensed a positive vibe here and just couldn't turn away! I think my favorite thing about 2KG is the wide range of personalities and styles we all have going on. It makes for interesting conversation and play time. :)

And finally, because I gotta ask this every time, what is your favorite color, and why? What does it represent to you?

Hands down, purple/lavender. I love how many different shades of purple there are, and it's right on the edge of femme/masculine. My most recent tattoo is purple roses! I just love the way the color pops.