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Summer of FUN! New Incall, New Site, And Specials

 Ruby Bell and Stella Rosen on our way to Kwasi's Chicago Meet and Greet - April 2016

Ruby Bell and Stella Rosen on our way to Kwasi's Chicago Meet and Greet - April 2016

Welcome to the Summer of Fun!

We are growing, and it is wonderful!  The Chicago Scene is something we adore, but we have noticed something missing.  Fun. Naughtiness. Erotic adventuring.  When we read things, everyone is to serious lately - it's time to lighten up and get down.

How, you may ask?

First, we have a new site -  Elle built it herself, and it is made for easy information.  The calendar not only shows who is available, hover and it shows you a pic of the lady and locations she sessions at.  You can easily find the daily schedule on almost any page - and for those planning ahead for a certain place/date the locations tab shows who plays where.

Special on Duos, Triples and Orgies!

Til 6/4 any double is 650 / hour.  Triples 900 / hour. And orgy with 4 of us is 1200 / hour.  We love to play together and the combinations are endless!

Sounds good, what else?

Bespoke Erotic GFE Fun! 

It’s not that we don’t love the idea of being your date to a corporate event or the symphony like other Chicago escorts do.  We do.

It’s just that we are in the mood for a different kind of good time.  We already started offering unique sexy fun with – and we have a lot more incredible ideas.  Which we are going to be unleashing one by one, every Monday.  All summer long.  Come join our sexy scene, it is going to be epic.

We are starting with Ruby’s Birthday Bacchanalia. 

You can find details at

Here is to uncomplicated Chicago GFE fun!