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Charity Week - Lulu and Lux!

        LULU AND LUX


In case you missed it, we are doing charity week!  10% of all sessions will be donated to a wonderful pet shelter.  It is a charity close to our hearts, and here is the story of Lulu and Lux:

The day Lulu metmost perfect prince, little Lux, is not one she’ll ever forget...but then again, as she says, “what girl CAN'T remember the day they met their one true love?”

When Lulu arrived at the shelter, she saw a healthy bunch of big hunting dogs and not much else. A large dog seemed like too much for little Lulu, and she was ready to give up until she rounded a corner and spied the most precious wide-eyed little monster baby she ever did see.

Named after the lead singer of the Cramps, Lux has been Lulu’s faithful companion ever since.