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The best adventures have twists in them!

All good adventures have twists, turns and excitement for what lays right over the horizon.

Let's get you caught up on ours, shall we?

Happy trails to you, until we meet again. Some trails are happy ones, Others are blue. It’s the way you ride the trail that counts, here’s a happy one for you.
— Dale Evans

Cara had a wonderful adventure opportunity of her own and is no longer with 2kg.  We wish her the very best in all her future endeavors and only happy trails!

Erin Black has stepped in as co-owner of 2kg!  If your from Chicago, you know Erin.  And of course, she is the perfect person to own Chicago's only provider owned agency.  Make sure you show her a warm welcome, all of 2kg is pleased as punch she is with us!

I am sure you have noticed that we have new ladies as well as wonderful visiting providers!  We are flattered and honored to have such sexy friends here and across the nation.  Our group is growing, the scene is coming together, and all established friends - your going to want to make sure that your on our mailing list!

Our adventure is twisting and turning in the best and sexiest way possible...and this new chapter of it is just beginning! 

And its already pretty epic on the fun scale.   

Your going to want to keep an eye on us...



Fuck This Noise, We Are Bringing Back The Summer of Fun!

We here at 2kg have unanimously decided that the Summer Of Fun is needed in these times.

If no else wants to say it, we will:  The world is a mess, it seems like every day something else terrible happens, and we don't want to read the news anymore. 

It's overwhelming.

So we are saying fuck it to that and hello to incredible discreet, no strings attached hedonistic escapism all summer long.  And we more than cordially invite you to join us!

Look for sexy theme weeks, check out our snapchat, and get ready for some surprises. 

Our kick off theme week?  Bikini Body Rub Sexy Time.

Hey, when it comes to escapism, we go hard.

Established Friends

Please request the password from us to get access to our Summer of Fun Private Club.  Your first step is found here.

  We all know the best things are kept behind closed doors.


From Elle: A note on discretion

First, established clients please reach out to Cara to learn about how we are taking our discretion to the next level.  Your going to be real happy!

Second It seems that people are confused about what discretion is.  I am here to clear it up.

It is so much more than keeping your info safe.

I am sure some will disagree with what I am going to write.  Many may be upset.  I can live with it, because it needs to be said.  

I have a responsibility to our providers and clients to continue to provide them with the highest level of discretion possible.  

Discretion is staying in your own lane.  Knowing that regardless of what is happening in the world, the need for discretion will never go away.  Ever.  We are, and should always be, a secret society.

Forever, providers knew that.  They respected that.  They knew that this was for like minded people and to keep their mouths shut.

Then twitter happened.  All of a sudden, every aspect of our world is exposed.  Providers discussed all our resources publicly.  Our resources - and links to them, ad places, clients, how we work.  They made video blogs discussing it, for goodness sake. They had contests to see if they could hit 5000 followers. 

They snitched. They gave people a roadmap to our world.  

They did this for years.  And it has caused a lot of issues for a lot of people.

Is it any shock what happened in 2016?  We only have to look in the mirror to see why this happened.  And they are still doing it.

And as they got louder, we got quieter.  We closed our circle as much as possible, and it was pretty tight already.

And it's get even tighter now.  We only network with those who actually respect our world and know how to keep a secret.  

I want to assure you, 2kg has no public social media and hold your discretion in the highest of regards.  We love what we do, love what we have built, and appreciate your patronage.  And the fact that so many of you have acknowledged the lengths we go to for discretion.  You are amazing.

We would of done it anyway, but your unbelievable patronage has made it so much easier to not have to go to public twitter or still advertise on a local site that we know has had more than a hint of trouble.  

We always have, and always will, stay in our own lane.  Having a great time the way it should be.  Undercover and sexy as hell.

Because discretion is the sexiest thing of all!




A Thank You From Elle - Holiday Special Extended!

A Huge Thank You!

I had a family emergency over the holiday season, and as a thank you to everyone for rolling with the punches we are extending our holiday special until Jan 21st! 

Your kindness and support has been incredible, and warmed my heart in ways you could not imagine.  Seriously, our wonderful clients and the 2kg team were amazing as I was stuck dealing with doctors and figuring things out. 

I often say I live the best life possible, and you all reinforced that in ways you can't imagine. 

Things are calmer now, and its time to make 2017 full of sexy fun!

Locations where the special applies:

1 - on - 1 sessions:

Our Wicker Park location


Doubles and Orgies:

All our locations


Special Rates:

GFE and Fetish Sessions:



600 / hour

Triples and Orgies

300 / provider


Santa and our Holiday Special: They only come once a year!

Happy Holidays!

It's time for our Holiday Special!  12/19-12/30!

Any session at our Wicker Park or Old Town Locations are 300/hour, 600/Doubles/ 900 Triples for our incredible established friends.  You have made our year incredible and we want to shower you in kisses and holiday cheer!

And by popular demand (and sighing, foot stomping and the occasional begging) we have started to offer short notice appointments on Monday at our Old Town locations. This Monday the lovely Ruby Bell and Lulu Dahl will be available from 10am - 5pm. 

If it takes off we will be adding more ladies available at static locations, keep your eye on our schedule or inquire!

As you can see, we have cleaned up the site a bit! 

Looking for someone in a specific location?  Visit our Who's Where page to find who plays at your favorite location.

We have also added a schedule page so you know when your favorite playmates are available.

Cheers and here is to a FANTASTIC end of the year!


Charity Week - Lulu and Lux!

        LULU AND LUX


In case you missed it, we are doing charity week!  10% of all sessions will be donated to a wonderful pet shelter.  It is a charity close to our hearts, and here is the story of Lulu and Lux:

The day Lulu metmost perfect prince, little Lux, is not one she’ll ever forget...but then again, as she says, “what girl CAN'T remember the day they met their one true love?”

When Lulu arrived at the shelter, she saw a healthy bunch of big hunting dogs and not much else. A large dog seemed like too much for little Lulu, and she was ready to give up until she rounded a corner and spied the most precious wide-eyed little monster baby she ever did see.

Named after the lead singer of the Cramps, Lux has been Lulu’s faithful companion ever since.





It's Charity Week!

 Lia and her rescue dogs holding hands!

Lia and her rescue dogs holding hands!

Check back this week for stories and pics of us and our rescue pets!

Who doesn’t love cute animals? We definitely do! We think all our furry friends deserve safe and loving homes, and with the holidays coming up and the spirit of giving in the air, we want to make that a little bit more of a reality

A lot of us have rescued pets of our own and know better than most how rewarding it is to give a fellow creature a new lease on life.

As the days get colder we want to help homeless animals find forever homes and friendly humans who want the satisfaction and joy that comes with giving a fellow creature a new lease on life. That’s why we’re introducing 2KG charity week! During this week, 10% of all session rates will go to a local animal shelter to help these little beasties get the love they need.

We are not putting their name here for discretion purposes, but if you would like to know exactly what shelter - ask us when you come to see us!